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Did you know that ALL MTB suspension systems are recommended to be serviced once EVERY 50hrs. If this recommendation isn't followed, you can void your warranty!?!? We have the tools and the know-how. Let us help keep your MTB safe and under warranty with our suspension maintenance. Contact us for more information!

Service Packages

Full Overhauls are available on all bikes. Overhauls take a bike down to the frame, cleaning all components, replacing bearings and other worn parts (where needed) and rebuilding the bike with new cables and housing, restoring the bike to like-new status. Contact us for a price quote on this service!

Safety Check: Dial In Your Bike!


Check Cables, chain, chainrings,  and rear cogs for wear.

Lube & Adjust derailleurs

Optimize Shifting

$20 Upcharge for cleaning of all drivetrain components.

*Install of Replacement Parts not Included*


Drive Train Touch Up


Basic cleaning of front chainrings

Removal and deep-clean of freewheel or cassette

Removal and deep clean of chain

Lubing shift cables

Lube, secure, and adjust shifters & derailleurs

*Installation or replacement of new parts extra*

The Silver Tune

Now Only $85

Inspect and adjust the following:

Brake System

Cranks & Bottom bracket

Brake Systems

Drivetrain Components

Wheels (basic lateral truing included)


Fork & Frame


*Installation of new/replacement parts are not included.

The Gold Tune


Inspect, CLEAN. & Adjust:

Cranks & bottom bracket

Brake systems

Drive-train Components

Wheels (Full truing included: lateral, radial, & tension corrections)


Fork & Frame


*Installation of new/replacement  basic parts (pads, cables, housing, tubes, tires)  is included in the GOLD package

See Our Overhaul Packages

Other Specialized Products

Contact us for Gift Cards, Subscription Services, prepaid "year of maintenance" cards, Group Ride Support, Birthday Parties, and more!

We carry lots of gear, accessories, and parts for bicycles and bike riding. Check out the "Merch Wall" during your next appointment or event where you find us!

Our Mission

To create the most efficient, convenient, friendly bike repair experience for the people of northern Colorado, regardless of the level or type of rider.

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1 years ago

I love getting to make a kid’s day. This was a final assembly and adjustment on a brand spanking new bike that will be received for a little girl’s birthday very soon.Happy birthday Quinn! Your new bike is the bees knees and that color is 🔥🔥🔥! ... See MoreSee Less
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1 years ago

Haven’t posted up much about my business. I’m still living in Berlin (I’ll be back in a year Ft Collins!), and it’s been great. It’s also been a voyage trying to figure out how to do the mobile bicycle repair done on a micro scale as I don’t have a shop van like I do back home, and have fewer tools. But I can still do a great deal to keep old bikes running and repair broken bikes.This cool old dude has been in my customer’s garage for over 20yrs and has some serious sentimental value. Well the drivetrain was malfunctioning and was in serious need of refreshing. So we did a new cassette, crankset and chain. New cables and an overall cleanup has this old steel frame feeling crisp and tight. Thanks, Chris, for the business and hope you enjoy getting back out there. @ Berlin, Germany ... See MoreSee Less
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2 years ago

My time here in Germany has showed me a different outlook on cycling, one that is more utilitarian. While I will never fall out of love with a light and fast road bike or a gnarly mtb, the comfy cruisers and townie bikes have a definite place in my heart. Anyway, in Germany, if you ride at night you are required to have lighting. In most cases, lighting is powered by tiny generators. The generators on bikes, called ‘dynamos’, and the associated lights are something I hope to bring back to the US when we return. A dynamo, when paired with a dynamo headlight, provides a safe, bright light to see the path in front of you. Even more importantly, it makes you much more visible to others! The coolest part is that the electricity is generated by the spinning of the wheels in a couple different ways. In all ways it means that you never have to change batteries or charge your headlight again. This setup has some extra bells and whistles: A usb-c port for charging devices and a built-in battery module to charge devices at very low speeds when the dynamo isn’t producing enough power to charge. If you have questions, message me or leave a comment! ... See MoreSee Less
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