Our Mission:

To create the most efficient, convenient, friendly bike repair experience for the people of northern Colorado, regardless of the level or type of rider.


The Bike Doc is a local, family-owned, mobile bicycle repair shop. We are native Coloradans who live and work in Fort Collins. Our family (Travis, Christina, Elizabeth, and James) rides the same bike trails as you, and have done so for our entire lives. Christina Steele (co-owner and wife of “The Doc”) teaches 5th grade in Poudre School District and leads bicycle field trips on the Spring Creek Trail for her students, instilling in them the importance of healthy lifestyles, bicycle safety, and the joy of exploration on 2 wheels! We started this business because we didn’t always have time for Travis to do the work that was needed and found it difficult to even  make time to get bikes to the shop. When we did, the employees there rarely took time to answer our questions, and were not very approachable.

We don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, which allows us to focus on being the most convenient option for you to keep your bike maintained with the least hassle and time out of your busy schedule. We come to you, be it place of work or home, to complete repairs and can often complete the work before we leave. You don’t even need to be there! Our bike mechanic was trained in advanced bicycle mechanics at one of the top institutes in the world, Barnett Bicycle Institute, to allow him to service any system on nearly any bicycle, including hydraulic suspension and braking systems, which many shops have to send out to other shops or manufacturers, increasing turnaround time for the customer. We also work to/above manufacturer specifications at all times, allowing you to maintain warranty status. We love to keep old bikes on the road and out of landfills, so you will never be pressured into buying a new bike (we don’t even sell bikes!) because what you’ve got isn’t the newest, flashiest model. But we know how to service those new, flashy ones, too!

Travis Steele, our lead bicycle mechanic, has over 20 years of bike-riding and bike maintenance experience. After his previous profession as a middle school science teacher, he finally decided to take the leap and go into business for himself to apply his knowledge of physics and methodical problem-solving to the world of bicycles, professionally. His friendly and patient personality makes sure that customers are always educated as to the need for any of the services we provide and allows them to ask questions that will be answered in a way that is never condescending. He loves to teach and talk about bikes. Feel free to hang out in the truck while he works!

We support local small business every chance we get, using local website builders, business card printers, graphic design companies, embroidery shops and vehicle building companies to prepare The Bike Doc for business and keeping business in Northern Colorado. We support local small business with the hopes that you will too.